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Windows Movie Maker

Planning | Basics | Windows Movie Maker | Movie Maker Workshop | VideoSoftwareTools


Windows Movie Maker is a free program included on all Windows Operating Systems. Here's a link to download the program if your PC does not have it. It's a video editing software you can use to get the video from your video camera (also called a camcorder) to your computer, for editing, adding music, customizing, and formatting it for output to view in the format you want.


Basically, this is what you will use it for:


  1. Capturing (importing) your video clip(s) from your camera to the Movie Maker software
  2. Editing your video (adding narration, voice-over, music, text
  3. Saving and exporting to the file format of your choice for viewing


Movie Maker is easy to use, and you shouldn't have much trouble figuring it out. If you need additional help or training, here are some additional online tutorials you can view:








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