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Video Software Tools

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You may want to add narration to your video, such as an introduction or find some interesting beginning and ending music, to add a more professional touch. All of these are possible (and easy!) with Windows Movie Maker.


Here are some tools that you might look into using:


Audacity Audio Editing Software (free)


This software tool is free and can be used on PC, Apple, and Linux. It is an excellent tool if you want to convert and/or edit audio clips for use in your digital story.


Free Play Music


This site provides a lot of music you can use in your digital story. The files can be downloaded to your computer in either AAC or mp3 formats. If you have iTunes installed on your computer (and you should!), you can have them saved directly to there.




This is just a handy browser/software where you can store and organize audio clips you might want to use for digital stories. Very handy and pretty indispensable today.


Gimp image editing software


This is a free, open source software that works great for editing images. You need to download 2 components for it to work on your computer. It's similar to PhotoShop, but of course, free.


Zamzar: File conversion tool


This tool is fabulous! It will take virtually any type of file (document, image, video, music) and convert it to the file of your choice. It emails you the link for you to download to your computer after you submit your original file. That's how I converted my wmv file to a mov file for my first digital story.

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