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Planning to Make a Movie

Planning | Basics | Windows Movie Maker | Movie Maker Workshop | VideoSoftwareTools


Producing a video is pretty easy. Producing a good video requires more knowledge of the video camera, setting up and planning, understanding sound and lighting, and other knowledge. This online resource will help you understand the process of what you need to produce a video with the equipment and software we have at Academic Technologies, along with other online resources and tutorials.


One thing you should know about producing a video for a project: PLAN AHEAD, AS VIDEO PRODUCTION TAKES SOME TIME. In other words, don't wait until the last minute to edit and produce your video for viewing. It will be stressful if you find you don't have what you want, if the sound didn't turn out as you liked, or any number of issues that can come into play. Plan ahead and get your video done and test it out on the classroom computer before you will be showing it. You will avoid a lot of problems if you do this.


Watch these movies below and see if you agree with my comments:




Before you actually start to record your video, you should do some planning. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I want my video to look like to the audience?
  2. Do I need to prepare a rough outline or storyboard on how the video will proceed?
  3. What do I want to show from this video?
  4. What should be the final length of the video?
  5. Do I need to get release forms for videotaping a class?
  6. How will I set up the room to maximize video and audio quality?
  7. What additional supplies will I need (power supply strip, extension cord, extra lighting)
  8. Will I need assistance in videotaping? Can I use a student in the classroom to do this?
  9. Do I have all of the necessary equipment? (Charged Batteries, Camera Accessories, Lighting and Accessories, Cables and Power, Audio and Accessories, and Media DV tapes, memory card, Digital Camera for still shots.)
  10. Can I do a practice session to test audio/video quality and decide what I want to show?


Next, read the Basics of what you'll need to get started









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