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Writing & Publishing a Multigenre Paper


"Multigenre papers are made up of a collection of texts which rely on a variety of genres which are woven together and connected in a way which creates an overall impression or message." (From NCTE/IRA)


My delicious.com multigenre bookmarks:



How to make YouTube videos private: http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=59208


Software Options



A wiki is nothing more than a website, which easily enables and encourages group posting, editing, and collaboration. You might want to use a wiki to write and publish your multigenre paper. I would recommend any of the following three wikis for you to use:






A wiki would allow your audience to navigate your multigenre paper as they wish, depending upon how you construct the navigation structure. You might want your paper to be this way--as a non-linear approach and might be another reason for using a wiki. I'm using pbwiki for this wiki you are reading right now.


Google Sites (Wiki)

Through the Boise State domain, you now have access to Google Apps, including Google Sites, a powerful wiki-based web editor. You can easily create multiple sites and add collaborators, much like you do with the popular Google docs application. You can also determine if people in the Boise State domain can view and/or edit your Google Site. It appears at this time that the site is only visible to your collaborators or to BSU domain viewers, if you allow that option. Therefore, the site is NOT public. However. it may be in the future that we will have the option of making a Google Site public.


Here is how you get started with Google Sites:

Log in to BroncoMail powered by Google: http://broncomail.u.boisestate.edu/

Enter your Boise State  username and password. You will be directed to your BroncoMail by Google account.

At the top of the page, you will see "Sites"

Click that and then you will be asked a few questions to create a site.

Play around with Sites and you'll see how easy it is.




Use a blog to write to and keep track of your writings for later publication to another format. There are many free blogs you can use. I would recommend either: blogger.com or wordpress.com. They are quick and easy to set up and begin posting to. You can use the blog as your final publication piece or copy and paste your content to another format, such as a Word document.


To view an example of a blog, you can go to my AT blog: http://itcboisestate.wordpress.com


Enhancements to blogs and wikis




You can link to other online multimedia software that might be in keeping with your multigenre paper. For instance, if you want to show images and then write about them, you could upload them to http://flickr.com, get the embed code from that image or images, insert the code in your blog and the pictures will appear. (You can do this in a wiki too.) Or, if you want to include a video that you've either made or found online, you can do the same thing--get the embed code for a blog and/or wiki and put it in your blog.


How about including narration or music? You can insert that in your blog/wiki, too and write about that. As you experiment and decide what elements you want in your multigenre paper, you can become quite creative in using online tools to expand the reading/writing experience.


Google Docs 


This free online application works just like a word processing program. You'll need to have a Google account to start using Google Docs, but it's free and easy. You can invite people to share and collaborate on your document. Best of all, the document is available whenever and wherever you are, since the file resides on the google server, not on your computer hard drive. You could copy and paste your blog postings to your Google document and then publish this document to the web through Google docs.


Google Page Creator


This free software allows you to quickly and easily create a website. Google Page Creator offers templates and other tools that make creating a web site siimple and easy. If you want your paper to look more like a traditional website and to encourage a non-linear reading approach, this might be for you.



Microsoft Word

Yes, you can also use Word to write your multigenre paper. Just be aware that you will need to work on it from the same computer all the time (which can be problematic if you want to work on it from school and then home). That is why I am an advocate of online writing/publishing.




There is a free trial download from this site. Inspiration is a concept mapping software and came to me as another idea. You could use it to create the storyboard/organization of your multigenre paper and/or use it to plan. You might also want to use Inspiration as the menu for your paper, with each concept being a hyperlink to a part of the paper, allowing the audience to navigate it as they wish.


Other possibilities . . .


Google Groups


You can create a Google Group and upload files, such as music, narration, videos, etc. You can then link to these files from your online resource, such as a blog or wiki, to download that file. For instance, you might want to create a narration to include in your blog, but where can you store this to play it online? Put it in your Google Group you've created, get that link from Google groups, and then insert it in your blog posting or wiki page.


Additional software you might need


Image editing software (works on all platforms)

Gimp image editing (free software)



Screen capture software (works on Apple/PC)




Audio capture/editing software (works on all platforms)



Tools you might need


Depending upon what you want to do, you might need the following hardware (besides a computer, of course):


1. Digital camera

2. Digital video camera

3. Microphone (I like to use a headset that includes headphones and microphone).


You can check out any of these items (except the headset) at the front desk of Academic Technologies. Just make sure that your instructor has provided a list of students to the front desk so that you are allowed to do this.


StudioD (SM101) at Academic Technologies has computers with headsets you can use.






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