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Creating Reader-Friendly Websites


This wiki is a resource for literacy students in Dr. Lee Dubert's class. You can click the links to your right in any order you wish, but they are placed in a hierarchical order, with the more comprehensive links at the top, working down to more detailed information on creating reader-friendly websites.


You'll find using a wiki is quick, simple, and easy. I'm using pbwiki http://pbwiki.com, but here are two others I would recommend.





What IS a wiki?


The word "wiki" is from Hawaiian, meaning "quick," and that is one of the most prominent features of a wiki. Create an account, name your wiki, and then start creating pages. It's that simple.


A wiki is really nothing more than a website, but with a twist--it is dynamic. This means that it includes a feed, a way for people to subscribe to your wiki and obtain new material you've posted. Wikis also include neat little "gadgets" that you can install to create and enhance interactivity. Wikis retain the history of each page (so you can revert to an earlier revision) and also enable others to collaborate and comment on pages. While you can do that through building your own website in Dreamweaver or other programs, wikis make it very easy to do.


Watch this GREAT VIDEO to help you understand what a wiki is: http://www.commoncraft.com/video-wikis-plain-english


Questions about this wiki or creating reader-friendly websites? Email me: bschroed@boisestate.edu


my AT blog: http://itcboisestate.wordpress.com













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